Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pattern Release Day!!!

The full pattern is now available! I'm so proud of these socks.
It was hard to pull these together at the end. I lost my memory stick with all the photos on it. We have had blizzards and scheduling conflicts. I wanted to have my daughter model these instead of using sock blockers or a cup to display them. We got them just right-another blizzard tomorrow!
I will be updating this post with photos from PayPal to prove funds are going to the ACS at the end of each month. Although the original inspiration was because my father had cancer, researching ribbon colors made me realize that these socks could be made for any cause. I would love to see those projects as well and hear the stories. And don't forget, there is a special offer from!
There also is a group and forum on Ravelry - Come join us!

Pattern purchase link: 

Follow this link to the page dedicated to loved ones the pattern was purchased to honor:

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