Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life and death

Yesterday my dad passed away. It had been expected, he'd been sick for a while. And although we all know that our parents grow older and die, it doesn't make it any easier. He loved much, laughed loudly, and cared deeply. He was proud when SWTC graciously asked me to design socks to be published as a part of Socks a la Carte 3 and was fascinated to watch me spin. He enjoyed reruns of Angel and Charmed. Every Christmas Eve he gathered all the kids and grandkids around him to read "The Night Before Christmas." He battled and beat cancer 4 different times with the stubborness and determination he was know and loved for. These battles weakened his body, but never deterred him from pushing on. Although he will be greatly missed, we are at peace knowing he is free of pain. I love you always daddy. Frederick C. Copeland Sr. 6/7/1944-12/22/2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November Rain

I love this song, by Guns 'N Roses.  Plus, that's what the weather has been like the past few days.  It feels like spring, only it's so much colder.  Since most of my knitting is super secret, I can't say anything other than I can't wait for the book to come out. 
On the needles, still sitting there is my Jewels Cardigan by Amy King.  It was meant for handspun, but I have some yummy Dream Big by South West Trading Company in a lovely charcole grey color.  I'm hoping to have enough to make the sleeves a bit longer.  I know it's going to be so warm, which makes it perfect for this time of the year.  There's also a free pattern on this page that I would make if I didn't look like a dork in hats.
Life with a new puppy is much like living with a new baby-no sleep at all.  She's adjusting quite well, even if Bert doesn't always like the fact she's around.
No photos for this entry, hopefully the cardi will be done in the next few days.

Monday, October 25, 2010


We went to our nephew's birthday party on Saturday. They had 8 puggle puppies (pug/beagle mix). Dehlia came to me, put her head on her foot, and gave me a puppy look that just melted my heart. She came home with us.


I also got some spinning done while I was in between super secret knitting. The first is merino/tencel laceweight singles; 2.7 oz/348 yds. Dyed by Highland Handmades. The second is Ruby Red rayon (bamboo) by SWTC. The rayon is super slippery and sheds!

merino/tencel blend

Ruby Red handspun

Also, I got a couple of wonderful gifts. First is from rwest81, as a thank you for her orchid socks.

gift from socks

Tofutsies in a wonderful green/purple, a free pattern, candy corn (YUM!), a great little travel knitting bag, darning needles, and squooshey socks I had to steal back from DD.
Second, is another pug swap, this from shorty3boys. Bert loves his toys, and the yarn is so yummy. The patterns are wonderful! I loved the stitch markers too, they're just amazing.

pug swap summer 2010!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally! Knitting!

rwest81's socks, originally uploaded by TerrapinCreations.

I was a part of a swap on Ravelry, and here are the socks I knit for her. Very quick knit, it took me a total of 2 days. I used the new SWTC book Socks A La Carte 2: Toes up for the toe/heel combo. Check it out; I'm listed as one of the sample knitters! I'll post the photos of the socks soon, I promise!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Processing fleece

After washing this once, I'm now combing it to open the dirt encrusted locks. I'll wash it again, then comb it again. Hopefully it will then be ready to spin. It's a jacob fleece I bought from the DEW Animal Kingdom. I'm planning on donating the yarn back to them. They keep a lot of animals that would otherwise be destroyed, and rely on donations from the public. Sheep are very dirty critters, indeed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Blueberries and Apricots

This is my donation to the Girl's Talk basket for the Wilton Blueberry Festival. It's done in 50% Merino and 50% Tencel. It was splitty to work with, but other than that, the pattern was awesome. It is Not A Drop, written by Arlene of Arlene's World of Lace. It's reversible, and I loved it. I may make myself one, but wider. Or make a door curtain (regular curtains?) for the daughter. Of course, I'd have to add beads to the end, and while we were at Enchantments for my birthday she expressed much interest in the beaded door hangings. We'll see.
All 25 of my lily plants have poked their heads out of the garden. I can't wait for them to bloom.
Should be an interesting weekend; rain off and on, which will make the humidity unbearable. Hopefully I will be able to make it to the Fiber Frolic on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Here's my latest item for sale: the chocolate covered strawberries. It's for sale here at my etsy store. It's made from Cascade 220, hand knitted and felted by me. Socks & pencil case are not included.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Come and go with me

I finally sucked it up and finished sewing up my Reversible come and go sweater. Deborah Newton designed it and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I love the color on this; Cascade 220 for those of you who are wondering; depending on the light the yarn is either gray or lilac. I finished in time, today it's windy and in the 50's. I haven't taken it off yet today. It feels like a big, warm wooly hug. If I modify this at all, I will rip back the button band & button-hole band to redo. They're kinda floppy, not sure what that's about. It could be as easy as the buttons are too heavy and need a stablizer on the back, but the button hole band gaps. Plus, I got all excited when I did them and didn't read the directions all the way thru. The bottom buttons shouldn't be that low, but hey, that's why we knit and make our own. Because it can be a design element and makes it our own.
Speaking of buttons, aren't these FABULOUS! I bought them at Pins & Needles, as soon as I get her permission I will post the lady's name who makes these. She hand makes all her buttons, and I love them. I've got another stashed away for my Sipalu bag that has mother of pearl in it. She's a genius.
In pug news, Bert learned to drive!
Not really! We were waiting for baseball practice to end & DD snapped the shot. She thought it was cute.Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there!
The lady who made the buttons is Mary McFarland. You can contact Cheri at Pins & Needles to inquire about the buttons; Mary also does custom orders. You should also ask about her quilted art wall hangings and jewelry.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye April

We've had a crazy month of April this year when it comes to weather. Snow one day, 80 degrees 2 days later. Today the wind is blowing extremely hard, just getting all the snow out of here. Tomorrow, garden weather. I'm hoping May is a bit more even keeled. At least it's lilac month :).

In spinning news, I finished a skein of 2 ply fingering weight yarn. It's just under 4 ounces, and was dyed by Pippi Knee Socks. The colorway is Lost Sailor. Any of you Deadheads know that's a great song, usually followed immediately by Saint of Circumstance. Anywho, I bought 2 braids of it, and this one has way more yellow in it. The second braid has more of the blues and purples.

I also finished off my second baby surprise jacket. These things are so easy and fun. Done in Jeannee yarn, it's cotton and acrylic so it can be machine washed. The buttons are paw prints, so cool!

BSJ #2

Lilac Socks

One of my favorite flowers is lilacs. When I saw this yarn by Cherry Tree Hill, I knew what it would become. These socks are done toe up with a short row heel and a cute picot cuff at the top. These are a very quick knit and so customizable with the color of yarn you choose. Puchase the pattern here:

Supplies needed:

  • 1 skein sock yarn
  • US # 2 (2.75mm) dpns
  • Tapestry needle

This is an easy intermediate pattern. Knowledge of lace and toe up socks needed. Enjoy!

Friday, April 2, 2010


I can't believe it's been 3 months since I last posted here.
It's finally beginning to feel like spring here, maybe I'm just waking up out of my winter sleep.

I've been spinning some, and finished my first 3 ply yarn. Can I just say how much I love my Ashford Traveller? Since tomorrow is supposed to be around 70, hopefully I will be able to take it outside and try to spin up some angora. Pretty good for the first time, huh? The dime is there for size reference so you can see how fine the yarn is. It's a darker color than this, but you can see all the heathers better this way. I'm hoping to make socks from it.

During the winter Olympics, I was team captain for Team GoPugYourself on Ravelry. I was able to knit a 30" x 68" lace stole in 17 days, showing here:

I did take 3 days out to go see Further in NH and MA. DH and I had our own mini vacation. We hope to hit the Natava Festival this July in Oxford. On March 25th we went to Porland with the in-laws and caught Keller Williams doing a solo show at the Port City Music Hall. Highly recommend getting VIP seating if you go there. The set list was great, and fun was had by all.

I also did up a hat in Karaoke by SWTC, and of course Cheri took possesion of it immediately. She loves hats, they look wonky on me. To be honest, I knew she would, and I had her in mind when I made it. This stuff is so soft, and it felts, so I'm thinking a couple of little bags for stuff.

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maine Mitered Shawl

Maine Mitered Shawl, originally uploaded by EeyoreknitsinME.

Here is another one of my self designs. I named her the Maine Mitered Shawl, and she's for sale on Ravelry. I was inspired by the mommie routine of going to baseball and softball games, and having a really bad, cold, rainy summer. One minute it could be sunny, the next cold and dreary. This is done out of sock yarn doubled. Supplies list:

  • 1 skein color A, B, C, E, F
  • 2 skeins color D
  • US #5 needles
  • Tapestry needles
  • Size F crochet hook.

It is an intermediate skilled knit, with basic crochet knowledge.

If you are interested in buying this pattern, here is the link for it:

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! I'm going to try to be better about posting, but with all the stuff going on, I can't promise it =).
DD and I are working on some chemo caps to donate to the local breast cancer center. The yarn was given to us by Cheri at Pins and Needles. I really think this is a good cause, and it gets us into volunteer work.
I've also been spinning on my new Ashford Traveller-what a difference from my other wheel. Although I love them both, I think this is my favorite. Can't wait to spin my angora yarn to make lots of fluffy scarves for everyone.
Also, I've entered my mitered shawl into the Cherry Tree Hill design contest. If I make it into the top 10, it will be voted on by the knitting community. Believe me, I will be posting links everywhere! Pics will come soon, I promise ;).