Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blueberry Triangle Shawl

Another FO (finished object) and another project cast on. I know a few women who are having babies, and so far the known sexes are boys. What's going on? I love blue, but there are so many cute lacy patterns to give, and they do not belong on boys. Oh well.
Here's the finished blueberry triangle shawl. The name comes from the fact that the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Merino lace in the blueberry hill colorway, but also because this is being donated to the Girl's Talk raffle that is held during the Wilton Blueberry Festival. My DD has done the girl's talk program the last 2 years, and it is wonderful. 5th and 6th grade girls team up with a mentor from the community (including UMF students) and they both read the same book. Once a month, there is a dinner where the girls & their mentors discuss the book and do activities together. This year the DD had a chance to go to the Margaret Chase Smith museum with 3 other girls. This is a wonderful program, and hopefully the shawl helps raise a lot of money.

blueberry shawl done

(notice the daughter's new haircut from the relay for life!! 12 inches gone to locks for love! I know I said this before, but I'm really proud of her for following through with it, eventhough it was nerve racking for a minute. She really loved having long hair, but knew it was for a good cause and that it would grow back.)
And a closeup:

closeup blueberry

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


First off, we did the Relay for Life event in Farmingdale on 6/18. While there, DD decided to donate 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. I promised her that we will both work on growing out our hair together and donating it next year. One more softball game this week, and then playoffs next week.
DS is done baseball-his team went from 2nd to last to first place this year, made it to the championship gaem and unfortunately lost, but it was a good effort by all the kids. Much respect to the team that won, they were in last place last season.
Hubby had a good time fishing and brought home brookies-fish fry tonight!
I've linked my Flower Meadow Scarf as a Ravelry .pdf download to make it easier for people to find. Just look for Terrapin Creations. It's also for sale at Etsy under the same name.
I've finished the Blueberry Shawl to be donated to the Girl's Talk program at DD's school, will post pics as soon as it stops raining and I can get a good shot.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nancy's Scarf

Nancy's Scarf Done, originally uploaded by EeyoreknitsinME.

I made this as a thank you to the middle boy's 5th grade teacher. She has done a lot for him, and has gone through a lot personally this year, losing her husband to cancer around Thanksgiving. I really think that good teachers are hard to come by, and she has been one of the best. This was done in Nobo Josephine, on size 11's, and is based on the Yo! Drop it scarf from Stitch & Bitch Nation. In other news, the DH has gone fishing up north (Allagash way) and promises to bring home trout. He promises this each time he goes fishing, so far no trout =). This is his Father's Day getaway with a bunch of friends. Too bad it's not a vacation for me, the DD is still in softball, and the DS has a championship little league game tomorrow. I never imagined I would be a soccer mom...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Men's hunting socks

Ok, so living in Maine, I have a lot of hunters/fishermen in my family. And those who do so, also have friends that do. Hunting camp, fishing camp, etc. I came up with these socks for them, and offer it to you to make for the men in your life. The picture is sized for a size 13 shoe. No, he isn't a Yeti, but pretty close to it. You may gift these socks to the people in your life, but may not sell them unless you get written permission from me. Enjoy! (sorry for the bad pic; this was before I got my new camera!)

Man's sock

Man's Hunting Sock

Materials: 2 skeins Christopher Sheep Farm 2 ply Sport Weight (350 yds. each skein) One skein may be enough depending on what size you need to make.

Set of 5 size 3 DPN (or set of 4, or circs, whichever you prefer)

Stitch markers

Gauge: 28 sts=4". Row gauge is not important.




pm=place marker



ssk=slip, slip knit

p2tog=purl 2 together

N(#)=needle number

C/O 72 sts. Distribute evenly over 4 needles; join being careful not to twist. PM for beginning of the round Work K1, P2, *K2, P2*. Repeat between * around to last st, K1. Repeat this row until sock is 7", or desired length. K1 round even.

Heel is worked over 36 sts; instep is not worked.

Row 1 (rs): Sl 1 pwise w/yarn in back, k1. Repeat across.

Row 2 (ws): Sl 1 pwise w/yarn in front, p across.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 13 times (or until heel measures approx. 3.2"), end ws row.

Turn the heel:

Row 1 (rs): Sl 1 pwise w/yarn in back, k 22, ssk, k1. Turn.

Row 2(ws): Sl 1 pwise w/yarn in front, p 11, p2tog, p1. Turn.

Row 3(rs): Sl 1 pwise w/yarn in back, k 12, ssk, k1. Turn.

Repeat rows 2 & 3, increasing the number of stitches worked by one on each side until there are 24 stitches left on the needle.

Round 1: N1-K 12 stitches, pm for new beginning of the round, k 12, p/u 16 sts along side of heel flap for gussett. N 2 & 3-k across instep sts. N4- p/u 16 along next edge, k 12. (You should now be at the beg. row marker with 92 sts. on your needles.) Work 1 round even.

Decrease Gussett:

Round 1: N1-k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. N2&3-k across. N4-k1, ssk, k to end.

Round 2: K around.

Repeat rounds 1 & 2 until you have 72 sts. Continue to work even on 72 sts. until you are 2 1/2 " from desired lenght.


Round 1: N1-k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. N2-k1, ssk, k to end. N3-k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. N4-k1, ssk, k to end.

Round 2: K

Repeat until you have 36 sts total, and then work round 1 only until you have 20 sts. Cut yarn long enough to graft toe closed, weave in ends, and work 2nd sock the same as the first.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Starry Night

Here's a quick shawl that was really fun to make. It used a little over one skein of Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Silver Streak. The pattern is Gail on Ravelry.

Here's a close up:

Starry Night close up

On the rock out back:

Starry Night