Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Here's my latest item for sale: the chocolate covered strawberries. It's for sale here at my etsy store. It's made from Cascade 220, hand knitted and felted by me. Socks & pencil case are not included.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Come and go with me

I finally sucked it up and finished sewing up my Reversible come and go sweater. Deborah Newton designed it and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. I love the color on this; Cascade 220 for those of you who are wondering; depending on the light the yarn is either gray or lilac. I finished in time, today it's windy and in the 50's. I haven't taken it off yet today. It feels like a big, warm wooly hug. If I modify this at all, I will rip back the button band & button-hole band to redo. They're kinda floppy, not sure what that's about. It could be as easy as the buttons are too heavy and need a stablizer on the back, but the button hole band gaps. Plus, I got all excited when I did them and didn't read the directions all the way thru. The bottom buttons shouldn't be that low, but hey, that's why we knit and make our own. Because it can be a design element and makes it our own.
Speaking of buttons, aren't these FABULOUS! I bought them at Pins & Needles, as soon as I get her permission I will post the lady's name who makes these. She hand makes all her buttons, and I love them. I've got another stashed away for my Sipalu bag that has mother of pearl in it. She's a genius.
In pug news, Bert learned to drive!
Not really! We were waiting for baseball practice to end & DD snapped the shot. She thought it was cute.Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there!
The lady who made the buttons is Mary McFarland. You can contact Cheri at Pins & Needles to inquire about the buttons; Mary also does custom orders. You should also ask about her quilted art wall hangings and jewelry.