Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring has sprung?

As suggested, winter doesn't seem to want to give up it's hold on us just yet. The last couple of days have been frigid due to gusting winds, roads covered in black ice.

With that said, the next pattern in my series will be a cowl, worked in 2 colors and in the round. Just enough to get through the last burst of cold before spring takes hold around Memorial Day. Photos and links to follow. This pattern will be written and have a couple of tutorial photos in it. I also designed it so there is no real top or bottom, just pull it over your head and go.

I give you gratuitus photos of my 3 dogs joining me in a snow shoe jaunt. They love this time of year, new smells coming around.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Always in My Heart donation totals

So here are the screen shots from the purchases of the pattern and the donation shot. 7 patterns were sold; after PayPal took their cut I was able to donate $38.94.

Hopefully we can raise more! Please let friends and family members know!
ETA: I just realized the screen shots are not showing up. I will figure out the bugs and fix this...

Monday, February 16, 2015


As most of my friends and readers of this blog know, I've become partial to SWTC yarns for my self and for designing. I was first introduced to Tofutsies when a call for toe-up knitters was put out on Ravelry. And with that, a wonderful friendship and collaboration was born. Jonelle has been a great inspiration for me as a designer. My second big feat came working with her and Kat on Socks A La Carte: Colorwork. If you have ever emailed SWTC for help, I am one of the voices that replies.
I have fallen in love with all of the yarns and spinning fibers available. Saphira is a wonderful single ply wool. Hand dyed and soft. As I've said before, Tofutsies has always been my go to for socks since it was introduced to me. I could go on and on but...

I've found a new love. YarnZone now has a worsted weight yarn called Woolish. Single ply and squishy, like my Saphira. Shhh, I know I'm cheating. And it's ok, really. The colors are deep and rich. The yarn just begs to be snuggled and loved. The drape is beautiful. I really can't say enough about it.
The jewel tones are just that. Luxurious through and through. 50g/100m. 1.76oz/109yd. $6.50 per ball. Have I said I'm in love?
Going through YarnZone's website is dangerous. There are great deals on SWTC yarns, their own lines of yarns, and even things from the land down under. Melissa is a master at dying yarns, I have a couple of skeins she's done and the greens are amazing. I'm such a sucker for cool colors.
I realize this may sound like a commercial, but I am a firm believer that when I find a yarn I let people know my opinions about it. I don't look down on yarn because of it's fiber content. When I make afghans, I use acrylic. I have a thriving mitten business where I work and I use an acrylic/wool blend. I know enough about non-crafters and what happens when those beautiful, expensive yarns are tossed into the washing machine. I even know knitters who have accidently done it. I firmly believe all fibers have a place in our crafting world.
I also have strong feelings about how companies treat people. LYS's are slowly going away due to online sales; shameless plug here though. Pins and Needles in Farmington Maine. Lovely shop with wonderful owners. Stop in and tell her Caryn sent you. But I digress.
So far ordering online the only problems I've had is the color not matching what is on the monitor. But we all seem to have that problem no matter where we order from.
With all of that said, the service that I've been provided through YarnZone has been wonderful. In my series of patterns that are coming out this year, I will be using several of YarnZone's products mixed in with some of my old favorites from SWTC. And you can get both at amazing prices in one spot.
March's pattern will feature Woolish and Syn. More to come on that as the date gets closer. As with Always in My Heart, I will be adding in a coupon code for YarnZone.
Stay warm everyone. Even though we didn't get hammered with snow here in my neck of the woods, it's still frigid here. Hopefully my next post will include pictures from snow shoeing. If the wind ever dies down...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pattern Release Day!!!

The full pattern is now available! I'm so proud of these socks.
It was hard to pull these together at the end. I lost my memory stick with all the photos on it. We have had blizzards and scheduling conflicts. I wanted to have my daughter model these instead of using sock blockers or a cup to display them. We got them just right-another blizzard tomorrow!
I will be updating this post with photos from PayPal to prove funds are going to the ACS at the end of each month. Although the original inspiration was because my father had cancer, researching ribbon colors made me realize that these socks could be made for any cause. I would love to see those projects as well and hear the stories. And don't forget, there is a special offer from YarnZone.com!
There also is a group and forum on Ravelry -  http://www.ravelry.com/groups/terrapin-creations. Come join us!

Pattern purchase link: 

Follow this link to the page dedicated to loved ones the pattern was purchased to honor:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Always in My Heart

I've published the pattern with gauge, yarn and a special coupon code to YarnZone.com on Ravelry. You can also buy using this link:

On February 1, 2015 the complete pattern will be published and you will receive an update to download the pattern. On that day the KAL begins as well.
The reason I've pre-published this is so people can get their yarn, make sure they get gauge and have needles ready for the 1st.

In loving memory of Frederick Copeland Sr. June 7, 1944-December 22, 2010

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I know some of you are directed here because of the email from YarnZone and I just wanted to say Hi and Welcome!
I've designed for SWTC for a few years and also am one of the voices you hear from via email when there are questions on patterns-especially the Origami Heel from the Socks A La Carte series.
One of my all time favorite sock yarn has been Tofutsies. The colors are perfect for the first pattern in this series-Always in my Heart. As explained in an earlier post, it is very near and dear to me as I designed it after my father passed away. I looked online to see the different awareness ribbons for cancers and there are a lot! Thankfully, Tofutsies comes in most of those colors. If your loved one has a multiple diagnosis as my dad did, I'm sure you can find a color to honor them.
Specs for the sock:
Toe up with lace and cables. 9.5 sts/12 rows to the inch on US #1. The pattern link will be available this weekend here and via Ravelry. In working with Kitrina, there will be a coupon code included in the pattern for YarnZone.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Great News!

Great news! The creativity has begun to flow and I’ve been designing again!  I will be releasing 6 new patterns bi-monthly beginning February 1, 2015.

The patterns are all accessories, and there are pieces that are knitted, crocheted and even one that is a combination of the two! You will have the option to purchase patterns either individually or as the set. I hope that this fabulous collection will inspire.... and I will be standing by to encourage and answer questions.

I am also partnering with YarnZone.com. All of the yarns used to design the patterns are either SWTC or YarnZone yarns, and range from fingering weight to worsted. There will be a special promo code included with each pattern for you to use at checkout on the YarnZone website.

All patterns designed are special to me, but the very first one is extraordinarily so.
I designed these socks when my father passed away in 2010 using Tofutsies from SWTC. Since he was a cancer survivor, all proceeds from this pattern sale only will be donated to the American Cancer Society (after PayPal gets their cut). If you have anyone that you want this donated in their name, PLEASE message me or leave it on my blog thread. I will be doing a special post with the names that are provided to me.

If participants want a KAL/CAL, I am more than happy to have threads started on Ravelry or answer any questions asked on my blog. I will be moderating both and will be available to assist in any way.

I’m very excited and can’t wait to see all of the finished projects. 

On January 15, 2015 I will be posting the pattern link here and on Ravelry, pre-purchasing the Always in My Heart pattern will ensure you have all supplies necessary to start this incredible sock on February 1st. 

I look forward to creating with you in the new year.