Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nancy's Scarf

Nancy's Scarf Done, originally uploaded by EeyoreknitsinME.

I made this as a thank you to the middle boy's 5th grade teacher. She has done a lot for him, and has gone through a lot personally this year, losing her husband to cancer around Thanksgiving. I really think that good teachers are hard to come by, and she has been one of the best. This was done in Nobo Josephine, on size 11's, and is based on the Yo! Drop it scarf from Stitch & Bitch Nation. In other news, the DH has gone fishing up north (Allagash way) and promises to bring home trout. He promises this each time he goes fishing, so far no trout =). This is his Father's Day getaway with a bunch of friends. Too bad it's not a vacation for me, the DD is still in softball, and the DS has a championship little league game tomorrow. I never imagined I would be a soccer mom...

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