Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Things to ponder

It amazes me how quickly time flies. I had thought I posted more recently, but I now see I haven't. I also realized how long it actually is since I've seen friends.

~Take time to send a quick email, Facebook note or even something by snail mail to let people know you're still thinking of them. They DO understand the hustle of everyday life, and the fact that most of us don't have the money to travel.

~Take time for you. Even if it's 5 minutes of reading. Just take that moment to refocus and breathe, especially after a hectic day.

~Always hug your specical people and tell them you love them. They know you do, but it's also nice to hear it.

~Learn something new to keep your brain and fingers mobile. As knitters we seem to get into a rut with techniques. I hate the holes wrapping and turning leaves when working short rows, so I avoid them. Recently I've taught myself "German Short Rows". Amazing to use and no holes! I'm designing a shawl right now in a wonderful new yarn to be debuted by South West Trading Company, and it features these rows. I love it. While doing stockingette stitch:
On knit side, bring yarn to front. Slip first stitch as if to purl. Bring working yarn to the back by looping it over the right needle. Knit the next stitch normally. You will have a funny looking stitch with both legs pulled over the right needle. When working the "funny stitch", just knit or purl it as normal, making sure to go through the legs.
On purl side, yarn to front. Slip first stitch as if to purl. Bring working yarn around as if it's a yarn over, purl next stitch normally.
When working garter stitch, the only difference is that you slip the first stitch purlwise, bring yarn over right needle to the back, and knit on.
I've also discovered how to cast on for ribbing, although that is a bit trickier.

On the cooking front, it's harvest season here. I'm baking a lot of zucchini bread. Thankfully it freezes well. I'm also going to try out relish.

Pictures to follow.

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