Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This can be a touchy category of yarn.  Most of the mohairs I've run across are the ones that leave you feeling like you've rolled in fiberglass.  I really never touched a mohair I liked, even blended as in Brown Sheep's yarns.  Admit it, you've been there.  A yarn labeled "kid mohair".  Everyone you've spoken to love it.  It's this fluff attached to a nylon binder that underwhelms and leaves you literally scratching, fluff flying everywhere and the patience of a saint required when you need to frog back.  So with all this negative review of the stuff, why on earth am I writing up a blog entry?

Enter in Colinton Australian Angoras.  I'm currently knitting up a White Lotus Stole in their 3000 Ultrafine Laceweight.  And it's like no mohair I've ever touched before.  No itchies at all, no blobs of fluff shedding off the stole.  I had to rip back-slowly because of past experiences-and it didn't catch on the fluff.  This is a sturdy, 2 ply laceweight yarn that's smooth and 100% kid mohair.  No nylon binders in sight, no boucl√© curls.  And the colorway is a wonderful deep golden color called honey. 

The stoles and shawls come in these great kits called Tucker Boxes.  Everything you need comes in the box, except for the knitting needles, steel crochet hook and blocking materials.  You even get samples of Unicorn Fiber Wash solutions. 

The pattern itself is designed by Jackie E.S. of Heartstrings FiberArts.  It’s well written, easily memorized, and knits up quick. 

I’m super excited about this opportunity.  And I’ve borrowed a picture of the yarn from Colinton, just because my camera seems not to do the yarn justice.  When the shawl is less of a blob with beads I’ll post pictures of it.

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