Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More reveals!

SWTC has released 3 of my sock patterns for their yarn Infatuation.  They can be bought separately, or with a 4th pattern here.  Each of the sock names will take you to the separate patterns.  They are:
Mardi Gras, Jesamine, and Mossy Diamonds.  Their photography is so much better than mine!  Plus, I can't seem to find where I put the pix I took of each sock.
Some knitting that I did for myself, a hat and some warm mittens.  There is also a sweater, but I still need to get good pix of that before I post them.

Possum Fox & Geese

This is another pair of the Fox and Geese mittens,  but they're mine.  I did them in CTH's Possum worsted.  So soft and fluffy!


This is Dream Big Verve-a REALLY fast knit.  I started Sunday night, and was done not even 24 hours later, and that includes time to sleep and go to work totaling 15 hours of down time.

More turtle stitch markers

Bird stitch markers

Turtle stitch markers

Dancing bear stitch markers

And a bunch of fun stitch markers I made.  If you like any of them that you see here, let me know.  I also do simple earrings.  Just email me!


  1. Thanks Ruth. It's a traditional Maine pattern that I now have memorized. You'd love it; it's done on size 5's.