Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain, Rain

What a month June was! 95% rain. I had to check between my toes to see if there was any webbing growing in. My SIL was in from California, I think she may have had 2 tops days with minimal rain. While she was here she scoffed up the Eunice socks I was making.

The yarn was Plymouth's Happy choices. Its knitted into a scarf of natural colored yarn, and then it's hand painted. You then have the choice of wearing it as a scarf or making something else out of it while unraveling the scarf at the same time. I picked it up at Pins & Needles. The yarn bloomed nicely after washing, but if I ever used it again I would probably wind it into a hank to get the kinks out first. Off to Cali they go!

While DH was hanging out with his sisters L & C, niece A & C's dog, a baby/adolecent squirrel decided to charge the dog. The dog promply grabbed the squirrel in it's mouth, bit down, and spit it out. The following is not a verbatum of the converstation, but you'll get the gist:

DH: " Guess the dog killed the squirrel. I've never seen something like that."

C & L: "It's not dead! It's still blinking!" (I'm guessing it was in it's death throwes.)

DH: "C-take A away. I'll take care of it." And he promptly dispatched of the squirrel.

Fast forward back to C's house. DH is now titled "Squirrel Killer". Ain't family grand?

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